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I have done post graduation in Applied in Applied genetics and post graduate diploma in Bioinformatics,currently searching a job in the same fied.Please let me know abt any opening related to my field.

Below i am mentioning my progect work:

1. Title : Project report on Stand Alone Blast Tool:
Environment : Perl, Tk-Perl, Bioperl, Photoshope.
Duration : 3 months
Team : 2 Members

Description : To design a personalized web based sequence search tool for nucleotide sequence. STAND ALONE BLAST is a widely accepted and useful tool for genomic scientists and biotech industries. Sequence similarity search aims to extract sequence from a database that is similar to query sequence, perhaps with the aim of gathering family members, or predicting structure and function. Dynamic programmings algorithms are guaranteed to find the best alignment of two sequences for given substitution matrices and gap penalties for these reason alternative methods have been developed, the most used of these are FASTA and BLAST.
Advantages of this software are:

1. Ability to run multiple queries at once.
2. Use of customized database and wide range of output options.
3. Create our own BLAST, ALIGN, ClustalW databases using any file of FASTA formatted nucleotide sequence.

2. Title : Project report on Drug development for Breast Cancer (protein
Ligand Interaction)
Environment : Hex, Marvin sketch, Rasmol.
Duration : 3 months
Team : 2 Members

Description : The importance of protein ligand binding in biological systems should not be underestimated. Any organism must have a mechanism of interacting with its environment. Individual cells must be able to interact with a complex variety of different molecules, derived from not only the outside environment but also generated within the cell itself. Protein ligand binding has an important role in the function of living organisms and is one method that the cell uses to interact with this wide variety of molecules.

3. Title : Project Report on Gaclectins Database.

Duration : 2 months.
Team : 2 members.

Description : Galectins are an ancient family of proteins defined by their affinity for -galactoside and by conserved sequence elements. Many galectins have been identified in vertebrates as well as in some invertebrates. Although they are not sorted through the classical secretory pathway, it is known that galectins are secreted/released from cells when immune responses are triggered. Once released, galectins can autocrinely or paracrinely modulate immune responses by cross-linking galectin ligands on various immune cells.
The immunological importance of galectin lattices have recently attracted attention, since the galectin lattices could robustly restrict the lateral mobility of surface receptors, raising the threshold for ligand-dependent receptor clustering and signal transduction



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SBRI has collaborated with University of Medicine and Dentistry of NewJersey (UMDNJ), one of the Best Medical Universities in United States, for Research, Development and training in the field of Biomedical Informatics and Clinical Data Management.

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Advanced Diploma in Clinical Data Management

Recognized by University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, USA

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Assured Placement

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