About summer training in bioinformatics

I am A.Prathap Singh, doing 1 st year M.Sc bioinformatics in bharathiyar university. i want to do training in that field. pls help me if you can. my id is a.prathapsingh@gmail.com. thank you



hi prathap...im namitha..im also doin my 1st m.sc in bioinformatics...wanted to do a summer training too...did u get anywhere?

hi, hlp me to in knowing abt institutes for training .i am pursuing m.sc 1st from chandigarh.my mail id poojamadholia@yahoo.co.in

i want to know about institutes and research centres in delhi provide summer training in field.

i am aditi, just finished my MSc. in Bioinformatics, i am intrested in doing a summer training in Bioinformatics, please update me if u get some info.

Dear Pratap
We at BCS- InSilico Biology, Lucknow provide training in various bioinformatics software and tools, bioinformatics software development, drug designing , phylgenetic analysis etc. You can enroll for 1 month,45 days or 2 month ,six months training . For more details log on to http://bcsinsilicobiology.in or mail us at

contact no. 0522-3207203,9936011461

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