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i m student of BSc (hons) bioinformatics.
i want to know about the companies offering SUMMER TRAINING in BIOINFORMATICS in CHANDIGARH , MOHALI &
Plz help me
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BIOBRAINZ is pleased to announce SPECIAL Certified Summer Trainings in Bioinformatics, Biotechnology(plant tissue culture), Computer Science in the year 2007.

The training is open to students of Biotechnology, Bioinformatics, Computer Science and related fields from all part of India.

Topics in Bioinformatics for 8 weeks are :
Bioinformatics Fundamentals ,Genomics & Proteomics Fundamentals , Bioinformatics Tools & Database On Web Genome Sequence Analysis , Protein sequence Analysis ,Phylogentic Analysis ,Homology Modeling ,Molecular Modeling ,Protein Structure Prediction ,Virtual Screening & Docking ,Computer Aided Drug Designing , Drug Designing & Pharmacoinformatics ,Vaccine Designing & Immunoinformatics ,Advanced Bioinformatics, Programming(Bioperl,Biojava & Biopython), Algorithms & Database Development .

The trainings will be of:

a. 2 Weeks duration - Rs 2020/-
b. 4 Weeks duration - Rs 4040/-
c. 6 Weeks duration - Rs 5385/-
d. 8 Weeks duration - Rs 7180/-

HOSTEL Facility available (depending on availability of room)
Hostel charges are Rs 2500 per month (fooding and lodging included)

Call 09838455422,09335298419, 05224042284 or email us your resume
and contact number at .
Registration closes 31 April 2007.


Rajeev Srivastava
MM-322 sec D, Aliganj, Lucknow
9838455422, 09335298419

Dear Students,

This is Mahesh Chandra representing MolBio Laboratory of Scientific and Applied Research Center (SARC). Today, I take the opportunity to introduce a very special “Biotechnology, Microbiology & Bioinformatics Training / Project Program” for your course needs at very low prices.

If you are looking out for a reliable training laboratory where you could handle/ learn the advanced tools/techniques like PCR, agarose electrophoresis, chromatography for protein purification, SDS PAGE, RAPD, Bioinformatics Tools & Database, Genome Sequence Analysis , Protein sequence Analysis ,Phylogenetic Analysis ,Homology Modeling ,Molecular Modeling ,Protein Structure Prediction ,Virtual Screening & Docking ,Computer Aided Drug Designing , Drug Designing & Pharmacoinformatics ,Vaccine Designing & Immunoinformatics, BioPERL etc, then this is the place to be.

*Why we are differ from other training institutes:
• We allow our students to handle each instrument, we have in our laboratory.
• We never use kits for any experiment and R&D work (we are committed to produce skilled Biotechnologists/Microbiologists, not KITOLOGISTS !).
• We give emphasis on good impacts research publications at International level (because they really pushup your better carrier in research and industry as well).

The fee structure depends on project/training program you select for your course requirement.
For any further information / clarification, please contact the undersigned.

Mahesh Chandra, Ph. D.
Training Coordinator

14- Mathura Palace- Basement,
Begum Bridge, Meerut-250001 (National Capital Region)
Ph. +91-121-4032891,
Mo. 9415469719, 9410899844, 09336330941

Course Duration


Basic Module 30 Days

Core Module 45 Days

Elective Module 60 Days

Advance Module 90 Days

Foundation Module 180 Days

Immuno Informatics 30 Days

Pattern Recognition in Biology 30 Days

Pharmacoinformatics 45 Days

Medical & Clinical Informatics 30 Days

Chemioinformatics/Chemical Informatics 30 Days


SAS 9.1.3(With Clinical Research) 90 Days


Industrial Enzymology 7-10 Days

DNA Fingerprinting 7-10 Days

DNA Forensics 30-45 Days

Basic Recombinant DNA Technology 10-15 Days

Immuno Technology 20-30 Days

Industrial Enzymology & Pharmacology 30 Days

Advance Recombinant DNA & PCR Technology 45 Days

Industrial Enzymology & Drug Discovery 60 Days

DNA Technology & Immunoinformatics 90 Days

Foundation Recombinant DNA Technology &

Molecular Biology 180 Days

Proficiency in Clinical Microbiology 20 Days

Advance Microbial Biotechnology 45 Days

(32 students placed on campus visit by our production unit and various collaborators on 26-29 Feb with a pacakageof 4.2lacs )


MGL Health care and Life Sciences division provides you an excellent opportunity to excel yourself in advanced bioinformatics by learning and understanding the exclusive industry accepted tools and technology in Bio-informatics as a part of training

Over the past six years, MGL has been conducting certified bioinformatics training programs for students from leading academic institutions. Our intention is not only to provide these candidates with greater exposure to quality training, but also to offer them career guidance in this rapidly burgeoning field. Upon successful completion of this training program, many of our former students have now started their professional careers and have also commenced publishing their projects in international conferences.


* To expose students to engineering experience, a real’ working environment and get them acquainted with the organization structure, business operations and administrative functions which are not taught in classroom

* To have hands-on experience in their related field so that they can relate and reinforce what has been taught at their university and also share the experience gained from industry in their classrooms.

* To foster cooperation and to develop synergetic collaboration between industry and the university in promoting a knowledgeable society

* To gain exposure on drug discovery data and procedural flow management and implementation and technical report writing in projects

* To provide exposure for the student towards the prospective future employers

* To apply the concept of Bioinformatics efficiently in biotechnology labs

* To teach concept of intellectual properties and its importance in the organization and in the country’s growth to the students

Learning Outcome

* Gain exposure to the actual working environment in the industry and the business

* Develop awareness of the importance and the capability of adapting to the working environment and culture of a job

* Possess enhanced communication and team-working skills.

* Develop awareness of the requirements and expectation of industry on employees

* Relate and apply the knowledge learned in the university for IP led work in Industry

Course Offerings

Crash Course (1 week)
Basics of bioinformatics and various bioinformatics tools
Training with projects (2 to 6 months – 300 hours to 1000 hours)
Advanced bioinformatics training including projects spanning 1 to 2 months or 3 to 6 months
Combo Courses (2 months- 300 hours)
In-silico drug designing procedures and PERL programming language with practical

* These courses are intended for candidates who have either completed or currently pursuing their graduation or post graduation in the Biological discipline or Quantitative Science


* Genomics - Phylogeny and Phylogenetic Methods, Comparative Genomics

* Proteomics - Structural Bioinformatics, Molecular modeling

* Cheminformatics - Pharmacophore design, Molecular docking, Toxicity screening

* PERL and Bioinformatics - PERL Basics, Intermediate and Advanced, Biological databases, Sequence analysis and alignment, Evolutionary analysis

For further clarifications,

Ima student of 4th year of BSCS and also doing mcse, mcp and mcsa certifications that helps you a loads for getting a job or internship. Your certifications have much value in your professional life. After completing my study session, I would do internship through the Career Intern Program at the National Science Foundation which has an internship position. You can apply here and also find page of Internship links strictly relevant to the Information Technology (IT) students by searching on web.